• Fashion on a bike

    In 2012, in a year devoted to "Revelation", Adrien B. finished an important existential stage in Australia. On his return, he had to make a turning-point in his life and what occupied him and for this leave time to digest everything that he had experienced. His concept is a simple one-combining the world of fashion and that of the bicycle : "Dress your bike" is a necessity in itself, related to luxury and the merit of choosing an aesthetic detail.

    « If a woman is badly dressed, people notice her frock, but if her clothes are perfect, she's noticed »Coco Chanel

    He needed a marque for the concept to make the basis and the appearance indissociable. So he created the brand "Beau Vélo". Bikes can become an essential part of our lives today—for travelling, enjoying our environment, keeping fit, going for a picnic in a park or a forest … And why not do all this with style and elegance ?  So he made a loud and clear promise: "Dress your bike in style, dress your bike with Beau Vélo".

  • Roll on history

    The birth of Beau Vélo. Adrien is what he is, fortunately, and even more ... Mediterranean, visionary par excellence who was enthusiastic from a very early age about what he should be. Growing up to the sounds of the tools of his great-grandfather and his grandfather, a well-known garage owner, his pioneer spirit took shape in Les Saintes Marie de la Mer in the Camargue huts of his gardian (cowboy) ancestors. When he had grown up and after yet another trip that called for another, he focused on a very precise approach: items that are "Hand-made - Made in France", their true impact and strong attraction felt all over the world.

    « Creating means always talking about childhood. » Jean Gionot

    This clever, freaky and critical visionary is indubitably the witness of a cycling phenomenon called "Vintage". Passionate about making things, about mechanics, "Take it apart and put it together" a slogan in his own image he ceaselessly customised his bicycles according to his feelings and influences. His hands have delicately understood the mysteries of clay, leather and cloth and Adrien will quote William Blake with a smile : " If the doors of perception were cleansed everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite."

  • Our know-how

    Prestige collaboration and the know-how of Hermès. Beau Vélo shows the world and bikes in all their forms. The approach has no pretensions but has the subtlety of changing appearances. Once upon a time there was objectivity and "Beau Vélo" products. Together, they combined elegance, quality and innovation. So the hand-made aspect in the grand tradition of French Haute Couture made them noticed by everybody.

    «Couture is one of the last refuges for humans.» C. Dior

    This spirit underlies the prestige of the people we work with. In 2014, Adrien B. met Christophe Berti, a leading saddler and leather specialist trained at Hermès where he was welcomed and accompanied with Giovanni Bilardo, who became his master. Thanks to Giovanni Bilardo, he refined his skills and worked with the most noble materials, where quality rubs shoulders with exception.  Profoundly marked by a taste for good craftsmanship, Christophe Berti joined the "Beau Vélo" team.

  • Heritage

    The supple or thick leather used is from tanneries specialised in vegetable tanning. It is both noble and natural. And you ? The cloth used is deeply anchored in folk traditions, whether it is Scottish tartan or Provencal prints . And you ?

    « You remember the quality much longer than the price. » Gucci

    All the materials used are chosen among the best available thread, varnish, plugs, buckles and, obviously, even the motifs. It is the moment to design good-looking objects with distinction, and so "Dress your bike in style, dress your bike with Beau Vélo Paris"